Bring an innovative approach to teach and learn math to your school!

Our program prepares your teachers to transfer effective quantitative thinking skills to their students

Problem Solving Maps method has been used by hundreds of teachers impacting thousands of children in different countries

What is the Problem Solving Maps method?

Problem Solving Maps (PSM) are graphical representations of critical thinking processes needed to solve math problems successfully. The maps are 1) Example-Conclusion Map, 2) the Multi-Rule Map and 3) the Math-Breaker Map.  The purpose of these maps is twofold: 1) to provide support in learning a specific topic and 2) to map out problem-solving strategies that are generic enough to be used on a large variety of math content.

  • Instructors, tutors or parents can use PSM to teach a large variety of topics
  • PSM do not take a long time to learn
  • Students learn thinking and problems solving skills that are transferable from one math topic to the next
  • PSM are very effective to diagnose where students are having trouble
  • With PSM, students can have better notes to study
  • With PSM, student can improve self confidence and performance

Training Content

We create a dedicated space for your school.  The training program has the following features:

Prerecorded videos
    Learn the principles through a series of prerecorded videos that can be watched on-demand.
    Test their knowledge through automated quizzes.  We can provide a report of quiz results to the administration upon request.
Private Online Community

Participate in a private online community  to share their examples and get feedback from the instructor and other participants.

Live sessions

Join several live sessions via Zoom to ask any questions and learn additional information.


Access a library of examples to use as a starting point to create teaching materials.


Use ready-to-use blank PSM templates to do your Maps


Download a 150+ page workbook that you can use as a reference


Train others with worksheets that are included to streamline the process of learning the Maps


Get a certificate of participation.

Praises for Problem Solving Maps

 "We are glad that we turned to the Problem Solving Maps (PSM) system as one of one of our strategies to improve students' quantitative thinking skills in the Philippines.  We have been able to positively impact thousands of students in our schools." 

Dr. Jeni Corpuz
Superintendent, Department of Education - Philippines

 "I attribute much of the success of my Math students to the use of the Problem Solving Maps (PSM). This mathematical tool helped my students understand different concepts in Math, which are crucial to their success not only in school but in preparation for the Math portion of the ACT and SAT Tests as well". 

Felesia M. Harrel Johnson
Founder, College Bound Academic Center - USA

 "We have observed that with Problem Solving Maps (PSM) students get a deeper and quicker understanding of math concepts for topics that are usually challenging.  PSM methods are without a doubt a cutting edge process to teach quantitative and logical reasoning skills." 

Maciej Winiarek
Critical Thinking Specialist - Poland

 "The Problem Solving Maps are helping our students make concrete their thinking about abstract concepts. This process also allows teachers to clearly see where students are struggling so they can address these concerns easily and directly."

Vikki Wandmacher
Principal, White Pine Middle School - USA

 "The [PSM] math tools enable us to organize our thought by a pattern. Learning a thinking pattern makes life much easier, not only in studying math but also in various aspects of everyday life." 

Motoi Tobita, Ph.D.,
Master Lead Facilitator, TOCFE - Japan

 "With the Problem Solving Map (PSM) system, it is very easy to find out the gaps students have in their knowledge.  I am glad I learned PSM so I can help my students being successful." 

Karyna Lopez
Award Winning Math Teacher-Mexico

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Meet the instructor

Dr. Danilo Sirias has a Master’s degree in Industrial and Systems Engineering and a Ph.D. in Business Administration. He is also a certified Critical Chain Project Manager and a certified TOCICO thinking process implementer. Dr. Sirias created the Problem Solving Maps methodology to teach mathematics which is currently being used in several countries.