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What is the Problem Solving Maps method?

Problem Solving Maps (PSM) are graphical representations of critical thinking processes needed to solve math problems successfully. The maps are 1) Example-Conclusion Map, 2) the Multi-Rule Map and 3) the Math-Breaker Map.  The purpose of these maps is twofold: 1) to provide support in learning a specific topic and 2) to map out problem-solving strategies that are generic enough to be used on a large variety of math content.

  • Instructors, tutors or parents can use PSM to teach a large variety of topics
  • PSM do not take a long time to learn
  • Students learn thinking and problems solving skills that are transferable from one math topic to the next
  • PSM are very effective to diagnose where students are having trouble
  • With PSM, students can have better notes to study
  • With PSM, student can improve self confidence and performance

Listen to 39 presentations of teachers using Problem Solving Maps

 Extending and Completing a Pattern by Elisa T. Maramag

Visualizing, Representing, And Converting Liter And Milliliter From Larger To Smaller Unit And Vice-Versa by Jhoanna Marie T. Teru

Ordering Numbers with the Multi-Rule Map by Jamaica F. Lacson

Square Of A Binomial by Jean Aiko C. Domingo

Finding The Surface Area Of A Cylinder by Darwin B. Lico, PhD

Order Of Operations PEMDAS Rule Using The Multi Rule Map by Myrna B. Mallanao

Teaching Mathematics Using PSM Approach: Finding The Area Of A Composite Figure 
by Mary Jean A. Nalunat  

The Effectivity Of Problem Solving Maps To Improve Academic Performance Of Grade 6 Learners In Mathematics 
by Rowena R. Yumul

Product Of Cube Of Binomial Multiplication Of Integers (Using Example Conclusion Map) by Arjon Paul D. Dela Paz

Multiplication Of Integers (Using Example Conclusion Map) by Jonah M. Asuncion
Factoring Perfect Square Trinomials Teaching Complementary And Supplementary Angles Using The 3 Problem Solving Maps (PSM) by Novy H. Facun

Teaching Complementary and Supplementary Angles Using the 3 Problem Solving Maps (PSM) by  Katherine A. Matarlo
Solving Problems Involving Sides And Angles Of A Polygon by Reina Ross Yumul Solomo
Measures Of Variability Of Ungroup Data by Fatima L. Tambago
Teaching Laws Of Exponents Using Example Conclusion Map by Anna Lisa T. Dela Rosa
Improving Mathematics Aptitude Of Grade 7 Students Of Sauyo High School Through Problem-Solving Maps by Grace D. Gutano

Solving Systems Of Linear Equations By Elimination Method Using Problem Solving Maps by Evelyn C. Torrefranca

Fundamental Counting Principle by Aimee Rose A. Galicia

Integrating Problem Solving Maps In A Video Lesson On Grade 8 Mathematics, Triangle Congruence Postulates by Joshua P. Salazar

Proving The Congruence Of Triangles Using SAS Postulate by Mary Ann L. Abundo

Proving Triangle Congruence Using Multi Rule Maps by Aileen D. Canonicato

Angle Of Elevation And Angle Of Depression by Lahlyn G. Unica

Problem Solving Maps (PSM) A Problem Solving Strategy To Lessen The Mathematics Anxiety Level Of Grade 9 Students by John Richard L. Quiambao

Transforming Standard Form Of Quadratic Function Into Vertex Form by Charnel D. Santos

Enhancing Student's Performance In Variation With The Use Of Problem Solving Maps (PSM) On Selected Grade 9 Students by Elmer L. Cinco

PSM Completing The Square by Sherrelle Francisco Mendoza

Maxie And Minnie Application Of Maximum And Minimum Of Quadratic Functions by Sheryl F. Dullano

Solving Problems Involving Trigonometric Ratios Using MRM And MBM by Queenie Pearl E. Domasig

Law Of Sines by Ken-Ken A. Bormate

Addition And Subtraction Of Radicals by Jonofre M. Borja

Synthetic Division by Karen T. Basada

Math Breaker As A Tool In Solving Problems Involving Permutations by Randy Dela Vega

Utilizing Math-Breaker Maps To Improve Performance In Mathematics And Self-Efficacy Of Students In Online Distance Learning by Joshua P. Salazar

Investigating The Use Of Example-Conclusion Maps For Mathematics Enhancement Program by Benigno F. Baluyut

The Use Of Math - Breaker Maps In Improving The Performance Of Grade 10 Mathematics Learners In Solving Problems Involving Probability by Zenaida W. Halili

Geometric Mean by Charisma T. Banag

Solving Problems Involving Probability Of Union Of Two Events And Joint Events by Jona M. Zapata

Circle Theorems (Angles In A Circle) by Rhon C. Suliva

 Rational Inequalities by Rachelle Anne Marie S. Adriano

Praises for Problem Solving Maps

 "We are glad that we turned to the Problem Solving Maps (PSM) system as one of one of our strategies to improve students' quantitative thinking skills in the Philippines.  We have been able to positively impact thousands of students in our schools." 

Dr. Jeni Corpuz
Superintendent, Department of Education - Philippines

 "I attribute much of the success of my Math students to the use of the Problem Solving Maps (PSM). This mathematical tool helped my students understand different concepts in Math, which are crucial to their success not only in school but in preparation for the Math portion of the ACT and SAT Tests as well". 

Felesia M. Harrel Johnson
Founder, College Bound Academic Center - USA

 "We have observed that with Problem Solving Maps (PSM) students get a deeper and quicker understanding of math concepts for topics that are usually challenging.  PSM methods are without a doubt a cutting edge process to teach quantitative and logical reasoning skills." 

Maciej Winiarek
Critical Thinking Specialist - Poland

 "The Problem Solving Maps are helping our students make concrete their thinking about abstract concepts. This process also allows teachers to clearly see where students are struggling so they can address these concerns easily and directly."

Vikki Wandmacher
Principal, White Pine Middle School - USA

 "The [PSM] math tools enable us to organize our thought by a pattern. Learning a thinking pattern makes life much easier, not only in studying math but also in various aspects of everyday life." 

Motoi Tobita, Ph.D.,
Master Lead Facilitator, TOCFE - Japan

 "With the Problem Solving Map (PSM) system, it is very easy to find out the gaps students have in their knowledge.  I am glad I learned PSM so I can help my students being successful." 

Karyna Lopez
Award Winning Math Teacher-Mexico

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Review of PSM

I would like to commend the preparation of different insightful presentation that will definitely be a big help to teachers. Congratulations!

11 months ago
Onuorich De Lara


Congratulations to all the presenters, I learned a lot from the presentation. Here I realized how lucky are the pupils if all the teachers learned this PSM.

11 months ago
Niña Resan Niña Resan


I would like to congratulate all the presenters for a job well done! Watching all the presentations made me want to use PSM in my lessons for better understanding of my students. Thank you for this free summit. Iearned a lot ?

11 months ago
Rosette S. Dela Cruz


Watching all the presentations inspired and motivates me to use PSM in my classes. After watching, the presentation, it made me realize that it is doable for me.

11 months ago

PSM Review

Congratulations to all. The first summit show how teachers apply the PSM in different lessons in Math. To make math enjoyable and easy to understand. (Sobrang gagaling nyo pong lahat ma'am and sir)

11 months ago
Ludivina A. Porcare

PSM review.

Congratulations to all presenters. The strategies presented will surely be a big help to teachers in teaching the subject. Kudos to all presenter and organizer of this summit.

12 months ago
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